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Glide Gear 3 in 1

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Ken R.·December 13, 2019
4.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Solid quality product with stellar customer service

The TMP 75 was my first Teleprompter and I spent a fair amount of time reading and watching videos trying to figure out which of the Glide Gear models to get. I sent a message to their website email system because I wanted to use their Teleprompter with a WebCam, the Logitech C922 acts, and they recommended the TMP 75.

It arrived quickly and when I set it up, it turns out my WebCam has a wide field of view, so it was capturing the inside of the Teleprompter. I then called the company using the phone number on their website to speak to tech support. I spoke to a person named Brian, who was extremely clear and focused on getting me a solution. The product is fairly new, so Brian told me he would call me back after some research. He didn’t have a WebCam, so he got his hands on a webcam similar to mine and rigged it up with the 75. It took some creativity. Within a few hours, he sent me photographs from all angles and called to make sure that I understood the solution. I included his photos in my review, which I hope will help others with a webcam (you’ll notice the webcam is upside down, so you’ll want to use the Logitech Capture app with a simple checkbox that flips vertically).

Customer service by a team that cares about backing their products and making sure customers can use them seems all too rare. I encourage others to consider using this company to reinforce for the company the value of that kind of conscientious customer service.

One warning about the 75: the metal hooks that attach the Teleprompter to the top of your screen require a fairly narrow display. I would say approximately 1 inch in thickness. My 34 inch wide curved display is too thick so the hooks won’t go around the to the back of the display, which means the angle of the Teleprompter is wrong. It is still usable on a tripod and I may use it that way. But since I’m more likely to need a tripod and won’t be using the monitor hooks that distinguish the 75, I am also looking at upgrading to the TMP 100. But that is unique to my system.

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