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Glide Gear TMP 50 Adjustable Smartphone Mini Teleprompter

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Allana Robinson- Parenting Effectiveness Coach and Child Behaviour Strategist·July 30, 2017
4.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Works great with a webcam!

I needed a portable teleprompter to help me with my videos: my memory is awful and it was taking me hours to shoot and edit videos as a result. I use a Logitech C920 webcam and needed something that would fit the camera, work with my iPhone, and be portable if I needed it to be.

This fit the bill! It isn’t as small as the Parrot Teleprompter (in fact I was shocked by how big it is seeing as it’s a “smartphone” teleprompter) but it does fold down easily and the included carry case is pretty sweet. You could easily fit an iPad Mini in it, but not a full sized iPad (at least, I don’t think so- I haven’t tried.) However- with my webcam- the iPhone is the perfect screen size as it keeps me looking directly into the camera. My editing time has quartered because I’m not saying um and glancing at my notes constantly! The hood is bit tricky to figure out- it’s very stiff out of the bag and I had to really work it into place the first few times, but it’s loosening up.

I was using this with a desktop tripod- but it’s honestly just to damn heavy for it. I’ve switched it to an Amazon Basics tripod and everything is much more stable. (Update 2019: I’ve moved to a Dolica Proline tripod for stability.)

For anyone wanting to use this with the C920 I recommend getting an L shaped tripod bracket so you can mount the camera sideways and use the arm to adjust it to the height you want, otherwise the camera is to close to the bottom of the glass and it’s both impossible to get the text directly over the lens and you’ll get the bracket that holds the phone/tablet in your shot.

Update 2019: My “rig” has expanded somewhat since my original review. I now use this inside of a Newer 18″ ringlight, with a Blue Snowball Ice microphone mounted to the front of the tablet arm. This works really well for me.

Amazon Customer·November 15, 2016
4.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Works Great If You Can Get Around the Small Size

I am a corporate video producer who works on a budget producing communication pieces, training videos and the like. Therefore, I was in need of an inexpensive teleprompter. The product suits my needs, but I cannot give it 5 stars due to size issues mounting a camera and tablet.

First, I use a Canon 6D DSLR for all of my shooting. Now the product says DSLR’s will mount to it and they do, but only if you use short lenses. Anything longer than a prime or macro and the camera will not fit directly on the mount. Unfortunately, I have to use longer lenses. However, this just means that I have put my camera on one tripod and the teleprompter on another in order for it to fit correctly. It’s not as efficient as I would like, but it gets the job done.

Second, the very brief description says that a mini tablet will work with the product. I have an 8.3″ LG tablet, and I figured that would be small enough. It is not. The tablet is too wide to be used in landscape and too long to fit into the provided holders when used in portrait. To overcome this obstacle, I took the holders off of the track, attached another piece of metal at 90 degrees to the track and attached the holders to the new piece of metal. This way, my tablet slides in from the front and is held on either side instead of top and bottom.

Other than the size issues, the teleprompter works great, and I am really happy to have gotten such a great deal on one. I would suggest that the seller include more specific details about what size equipment works with the teleprompter to avoid angry and displeased customers in the future

George F. Greene·January 21, 2018
5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Just what I was looking for.

I’ve spent many decades in media production and television systems and have even repped teleprompter products. I’m out of the TV biz and into online learning now and I needed a sturdy, light and not very expensive teleprompter rig for my DSLR camera. This does the trick for a nice low price.

The build quality is much better than I’d expected. The rig is aluminum (not plastic) and nicely finished. Adjustment knobs are large and easy to get to. The mirror frame is thick, protective and also aluminum. Camera position is easily adjustable, though the sled could be longer to accommodate slightly bigger cameras and/or longer lenses.T he camera mount has quality rubber pads to hold your camera firmly and is thick enough aluminum that I’d suspect you’d be able to extend it with another aluminum plate to get that length for many longer lenses. The mount for the phone or tablet is also aluminum and is adjustable enough to fit my 7 inch tablet and one of the many old phones I have lying around (that I never seem to get around to selling). The aluminum here could be a little thicker; it’s plenty strong to hold any phone or tablet, I’m just afraid I’ll bend it someday if I kick over the tripod or someone runs into it -but I nit pick.

It also comes with a very sturdy plastic rig for your phone. The 1/4 20 knob, not only tightens the rig to the prompter sled, it also has a 1/4 20 on it’s bottom so you could use your phone on a tripod or fishpole without the prompter. A spring loaded sturdy metal clip holds your phone very securely and the rubber inserts at top and bottom protect it from marring.

I saw comments about the cloth hood. The firmness of the hood here is such that you can push it where you want and it stays up out of the way of the lens and that’s nice. It’s also a sturdy material that will last. I do augment it with a thin black cloth to cover any gaposis. Not a huge problem.
I’ve also paired this with a free teleprompter app (Proverb Teleprompter) made by some churchy outfit that allows me to upload text files and with the Parrot Telemprompter Remote I can advance and rewind the app fairly easily.

It all folds up rather flat and fits in a canvas-like case with appropriate quality hard white foam. This is really a nice little unit for on-the-go prompting and for the price, it’s that rare high quality, low priced bargain.

Lorraine H.·January 30, 2019
5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Great for Youtubers

I got this for making Youtube videos. I record on a smartphone and use my old out-of-date smartphone as a teleprompting source. This teleprompter is perfect for that.

The good:
1. The track behind the glass is T-shaped, which is perfect for recording on a cell phone because cell phone cameras are located in a corner of the device. So the T-shaped track lets you mount the phone to one side or the other, such that you can put the camera in the middle of the glass.
2. The build quality is solid. Miles better than the Parrot teleprompter that I bought on Kickstarter. For $100 this teleprompter is a much better value. (The Parrot is also $100)
3. You can actually use this teleprompter with a regular camera for filming as well as a cellphone. What might might not be ideal is the length of the T-shaped track behind the glass. If you use a really long lens then it might not fit on the track.
4. The included black fabric is nice and stiff, so it doesn’t drape down and get in the shot.
5. I like the carrying case. It’s not a super high quality case that will withstand tons of road use, but it’s good enough for light travel or for storing the teleprompter.
6. I like that this is foldable. I don’t have a lot of space in my house, so I appreciate that I can pack this away when I’m not using it.

The not-so-good:
1. The included cell phone holder is very stiff, and it’s difficult for me to get my phone in and out of it. I use a cell phone tripod mount made by a different company and it works much better.
2. The glass is just a hair smaller than I’d like it to be. I film with my cell phone camera in selfie mode so that I can make sure that I’m in frame. I use a Google Pixel (NOT the XL version) and when my camera is centered in the glass (which it must be, or else the corners of the teleprompter are in the shot), my cell phone juts out the side of the teleprompter. I also can’t see about a half inch of my screen, so it is hard to tell if I’m centered in frame or not.

Overall, I’d recommend this teleprompter to any Youtuber looking to improve the quality of their videos. It’s not perfect–if I wanted something better than I might try the TMP 100–but since this one is half the price of the TMP 100, I’ll live with the minor drawbacks.

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