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Glide Gear TMP100 Adjustable iPad/ Tablet/ Smartphone Teleprompter

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Ron Downs
 Can’t believe I didn’t buy one long ago…such a time saver!
October 10, 2017

We’ve been making videos for our business for a while, and have long struggled with trying to memorize our lines. We’ve tried writing out the script on a piece of paper on the desk, posting it on the wall, we’ve even projected the script onto our electronic wall display behind the camera, but in every case, it resulted in the subject’s eyes and/or head moving around too much, making it obvious he or she is reading a script. And when the lines are committed to memory, that seems to cause a stiff performance, as we’re working too hard on recall, and not enough on being “in the moment”, which erodes the message.

Finally decided to check into a teleprompter, and found prices ranging from just over a hundred bucks, well into the thou$ands. I almost bought a slightly cheaper unit, but after seeing this one and reading the reviews, I realized that for only a few dollars more that the cheap one, this one’s mount is vastly superior. Not to mention the fact that this one folds flat for storage/transport, and even includes a basic carrying case.

The unit came already assembled. All I had to do was screw it onto my tripod, and mount the camera to the teleprompter in the same way it mounts to the tripod – a single screw. The glass is really quite clear, so has minimal impact on camera exposure, yet the front side is plenty reflective enough to be able to clearly read the script.

There are quite a few freebie teleprompter apps out there for ios or android devices. Unfortunately, most of them require you buy the upgraded version in order to be able to reverse the text to use with an actual teleprompter. The apps usually are in the $5 to $10 range, with some being a little more. Most have similar features, so we haven’t yet settled on any particular one as being better than the others.

If you do even the occasional video incorporating any type of script, you NEED to get this teleprompter. The amount of time you’ll save over memorizing scripts will quickly justify the minimal cost of the equipment.

Giovanni E. Romero
 Took me 2 minutes to set it up. Sometimes …
January 30, 2018
Took me 2 minutes to set it up. Sometimes when you read reviews from other people I kind of don’t trust them fully but I took a chance with this product and I have to say that it is incredible. I took me but a few moments to set it up. It seems well built and it worked very well. At first the letters where upside down and then backwards but I realized that it was the app that needed some adjustments. I am so excited, I will be able to get a lot more done now ( because I tried to memorize the scripts it took me 20 tries to get it. This time I will be reading and no one will notice) 🙂
Lo Knows Media
 Sturdy Teleprompter, works with a variety tablets, wouldn’t recommend for camcorders and a little over price, i think.
September 29, 2017
I have my own You Tube channel ( Lo Knows Sort Of) and i go back and forth between producing top of the head videos or scripted shows. I really wanted this product for the scripted shows and was impressed by the look and what it had to offer. My first impressions out of the box, it came with a nice briefcase looking carrying case and was well protected in Styrofoam. I was excited to get it on my tripod which it secured on very nicely. The teleprompter has a very weighty feel to it so it feels very secure. I do have 2 gripes though. The metal springy screws that holds the glass in place came loose after adjusting the mirror two times, its not broken, but the screws are no longer as secure when i first opened the package. 2nd, maybe a fault of my own, this product is NOT designed for camcorders. I use a Sony FDR AX53, it it gets awkward covering the the camera with the bag to that was provided so it hides the camera to prevent reflections from behind the mirror. I still got it to work, but only after fiddling with it and having to make some concessions, like completely using the ability to use the monitor screen so you can make sure you are in frame. Overall the glass did work fine reflecting my text from my tablet. I am using a Nvidia Shield to scroll my script and it fits just fine. Hopefully yours doesn’t have issues with the screws like mine did and i would NOT recommend this for camcorders.
Patrick C. Cook
 All metal. Works well. But can stand some improvements.
April 7, 2018
Good price. All metal. Works well.
My feedback about the product:
1) The metal bracket that traverses perpendicular is a bit thin and tends to bend slightly when an iPad is set in place. This causes the iPad reflected image to be slightly tilted. That bracket is doing double duty: holding up the raised mirror and cradling the display device. Not a show stopper, but the gauge should be increased considering the load it’s taking.
2) I am a bit concerned about the threads of the bolts that fasten the mirror when raised. The thin threaded shanks don’t appear strong enough to withstand many fastenings, such as transporting the unit from location to location. They seem a bit small considering the load they are taking when the mirror is raised. And, one cross thread and its wasted. Again, not a show stopper, just use care.
3) The base for the camera is a low for DSLR’s. They obviously wanted the unit to accommodate a camcorder. I corrected this by adding a block to raise my Canon 6D about an inch, which put the lens in the middle of the mirror, which I prefer.
4) The bellows is stitched well and is good material. Be sure to use the draw string clasp to hold the bellows around the lens, but the clasp winds up at the bottom of the lens where there is not much room remaining.
5) The bellows blocks the remote IR sensor of my Canon 6D. Not a big deal, just worth noting.
6) Be sure to mount this rig (the prompter, camera & tablet) on a STRONG tripod. The rig is top heavy.In conclusion, the TMP-100 is well designed considering it’s price. It works well. There are some design weaknesses that could shorten its use-life in a busy studio. But for casual use, no need to pay $500+ for teleprompter with this unit available.

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